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  • People who focus on using their strengths are three times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life.
  • Those who use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged on the job.
  • Teams that focus on their strengths are 12.5% more productive. (

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by Anonymous on

I have no doubt Life Coaching was the reason I was able to completely restructure my life enabling me to walk the Camino.  Nancy Laura Joseph of Accountable, offered just the right blend of practical questions, feedback, wisdom and encouragement while holding my feet to the fire if necessary, which I needed for me to get rolling on this goal.  As I mention in the article I was able to tap into strategies I learned in coaching to get me through some tough days. While I prefer to consult with Nan in person it proved very easy to keep up the coaching from nearly anywhere on the globe.

It's All About Keeping Those Feet Moving

My life was in a funk. All my self motivating techniques had amassed to nothing and I felt like a balloon with a puncture – in a word, earthbound! So what was I to do? Well, walk the Camino, of course!

Oh, it didn't go down exactly like that but pretty darned close. My life WAS in a funk and I WAS trying to switch it up and so when a local business offered a one day writing class I signed up. Writing was something I had previously enjoyed and gotten away from. It was during this workshop I met Nan Joseph, Certified Life Coach and accomplished writer. I was intrigued. I had heard a little about Life Coaching but had no idea exactly what it was. In talking with Nan I got the feeling Life Coaching would be an excellent option for me which, indeed, it proved to be.

During our sessions we looked back at my old once-loved activities to decide if they were still 'me'. I realized writing, travel, photography and environmental awareness are still very important parts of my life. With Nan's astute guidance I began to structure my S.M.A.R.T goal which would incorporate my loves. It was at that time I was reading an excellent book, 'Travels With My Donkey: One Man and His Ass on a Pilgrimage to Santiago' by Tim Moore. It is a hilarious travelogue. As I was sharing some of the highlights in a phone conversation with my good friend Elayne in Australia she interjected 'let's do it'! My response was 'if you think I am dragging an ass for 500 miles across the north of Spain you are seriously mistaken!' She meant why don't WE walk the Camino! I had found my goal.

The Camino de Santiago, also referred to as the Way of St James, or simply the Way, is a pilgrimage to the shrine of the Apostle St James who's remains are believed to be buried in the cathedral at Santiago de Compostela, Spain. For many it is a very spiritual path. A 500 mile moving meditation. For others is can be as simple as checking another box on their bucket list. I chose to use every step I took as blessing to the Earth, a practice I follow on all my hikes.

With Nan's practical input my goal of walking the Way became my way of embodying all my life's passions into one exhilarating adventure. My camera was upgraded to a new lightweight model, my three day a week hiking exercise expanded to included longer hikes in the weekends, and I became one of REI's most valued customers. At the bottom of the world Elayne was making similar preparations. We were walking the Camino together and that we were going place the first foot on the trail on April 24th, 2017.

There are many pilgrim paths to Santiago de Compostela beginning at different points all over Europe. Our choice was the traditional Camino de Frances beginning in the French town of Saint Jean Pied-du-Port. April 24thsaw two starry eyed friends navigating the old cobbled rue de la Citadelle, Saint Jean Pied-du-Port's main street leading to the foot of the Roncevaux Pass. Our shiny new equipment was squeaking in time to each clomp of a well-worn hiking boot, the latest Camino apps were downloaded on our phones and our freshly issued Pilgrim Passports were in hand, and we were on our way …... but quickly turned back. Those well-worn boots immediately began hurting my ankle. New boots at the beginning of a long hike is never a good idea, however there was nothing I could do except hope for the best.

A couple of hours later with more squeaky new equipment we had hit the trail again. By then it was 1pm but with only 7kms to the first albergue (pilgrim hostel) we had plenty of time. I could hike 7kms in my sleep, new boots or old. I knew it would be uphill, it was the Pyrenees Mountains after all, but once again, no worries. I could just go slow and it would be a piece of cake, right? Actually, it was more like a very large slice of humble pie. Yes, I did it. I didn't have a choice, really, as it was too steep for any ambulance! My starry eyes became bloodshot eyes after the first few kilometers and by half way I was cussing like a sailor. At the three quarter mark I didn't have any breath for anything and could only think evil thoughts. When I'd gotten to the point where I seriously doubted I could go another step I was relying on prayer. I saw a sign in the distance which said cervasa (beer). My friend offered to buy me one if I could make it that far. It turned out the bar was attached to the albergue where we already had a bed booked. I was beyond relieved. I later realized if I had studied my fancy new app I would have known that the short 7km hike went from 200 meters to more than 800 meters altitude. That's 650 feet to 2600 feet! From that point on there was never another hill that scared me.

For the next 2 weeks as we walked we pared down the unnecessary weight in our backpacks, got fitter, got in tune with our bodies and, most importantly, got in tune with each others needs. Elayne is focused, task orientated, strong and fit. She is 65 and hasn't slowed down from when I first met her as a 28 year old. I am younger, but slower and very much in the moment. I have the insatiable urge to explore and photograph everything that catches my eye. It became apparent what she considered a nice moderate daily average distance was almost extreme for me. Certainly not something I could maintain daily. She felt we could average 18-22kms per day. I was prepared for 12-16kms. We compromised on 18kms.

By the third week we were nearly half way. My ankles encased in their new boots were fine, my body was strong and my new camera was beginning to look quite worn in. We were both journal-ling daily lest we forget a moment of the emerald green countryside, the lush and fragrant wild flowers all along the roadsides, the incredibly ancient churches with their multiple layers and varying styles of repairs spanning centuries, the abandoned orchards with their fruit trees blossoming regardless of the lack of nurturing, or the foamy rich coffee-con-leches which were available at every bar. The Earth was truly blessing us.

There were days when walking was a drudge. Sometimes it rained with incredible determination forcing us to slither down treacherously steep muddy grades. Sometimes our chosen albergue was full and we had to walk an extra few kilometers to find another, or at other times the Way was simply a featureless straight road as far as they eye could see. It was on these days I pulled on my Life Coaching.

Relying on small sweet steps was not a cliche. Any movement forward counts. In coaching I had sometimes dismissed tiny steps as hardly worth the bother. My impatient monkey mind wants large forward movement or nothing at all! On the Camino those small sweet steps literally always got me to the top of the steepest climb.

We reached Santiago de Compostela as a team and we were once again starry eyed at our first glimpse of the cathedral. It took us exactly 40 days to the minute of us leaving Saint Jean Pied-du-Port to complete our pilgrimage. By 7.30 that evening we were in possession of our church issued credential confirming we had completed our Camino. I had dedicated 15 million steps of blessings to the Earth and there was not a squeak to be heard from any of our equipment.

It was time to celebrate and Spain really has excellent wine.....

by Anonymous on

How Coaching with Nan has changed my life? It is hard to put into words……. it  is just simply amazing. Where I was when we began Coaching and the huge improvement that occurred over our sessions together.  I moved forward and beyond….. !!! 

by Anonymous on

Taking this course  The Energy of Money, Coaching Book Study Workshop with Coach Nancy Laura Joseph is one of the most important things I could do for myself in life.

by Anonymous on

I was at a place in my life where I needed to move forward and grow. Coaching with Nancy Laura Joseph gave me the skills to do just that.

by Anonymous on

Nancy Laura Joseph has been an invaluable asset to my personal revolution. Her insightful encouragement, thoughtful questions and gentle reminders have supported me in pursuit of a life I love to live. She has been a brilliant companion to the north star as I navigate my ship towards my greatest capacity and truth.

Gratefully, Debra M.

Artist, activist and entrepreneur Debra Ann Mumm is the founder and director of the newly formed non-profit CREATE Center for the Arts, the recent recipient of the Changemaker award from the Indian Wells Arts Festival, past workshop instructor and board member for the Palm Springs Art Museum Artists Council and was named Influential Woman of 2016 by Desert Outlook Magazine. Her award winning work has been exhibited and collected Internationally and is in the permanent collection at Palm Springs Art Museum.

by Anonymous on

Dear Nan, Thank you. You have been a tremendous source of moral and mental support over the past few months. In fact, I am not certain how I would have survived without the constant boost of self-confidence you provided me.  I am truly grateful for that.

by Anonymous on

As a sixty year old man who has had many careers and ambitions – writer, songwriter, speaker, radio talk show host, world wanderer – I can find myself working at cross purposes. As someone who is easily distracted, avoids detail work, tends not to stay in one place for long, and has struggled with maintaining good habits in the face of life’s myriad temptations, having Nan Joseph as my coach – friend, teacher, cheerleader, conscience, guru and noodge – has been invaluable.

We have worked together off and on for seven or eight years, and her feedback and guidance and help getting me focused – making me more responsible to myself – has taught me more than I could ever say. It hasn’t been easy, but Nan’s clear, confident voice and manner, and consistent, detailed information in a variety of difficult situations, has changed my life. Perhaps it is better to say, as she would probably gently correct me, that she has helped me change my life.

As someone who struggles with issues around money – which are truly more psychological than actual, but difficult nonetheless – she has kept me focused on what I need to be focused on, gently steering me back on track, and hearing me out through my money panics, even the times when I told her I couldn’t afford to keep speaking with her. The fact is, I can hardly afford not to work with her, when one gently-posed question, one nudge in the right direction, one reminder of something that I’ve (conveniently) forgotten to do, has saved me hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

The word “gently” stands out to me there, because at the end of the day, Nan speaks with a gentle confidence that she has subtly – gently – helped me make a part of myself. This is perhaps her greatest gift to me: That she has shared, and I have adopted, some of her habits of knowing and thinking and dealing with challenges. This is a gift that, as she has said of many other things I’ve learned with her, “You can put in your pocket and keep forever.”

What Nan has helped me “put in my pocket” is a way of working with the world, with “the magic, the mystery of life,” that I will always have, and for which I will always be grateful. “Coach” doesn’t even begin to cover what she does.

by Anonymous on

I am forever grateful. Nan helped me discover my souls' desires. Through her love, compassion, wisdom and professionally trained Coaching skills, Nan kept me and my ego accountable to see my souls' desires come to fruition. I would highly recommend Accountable Coaching to anyone who truly wants to experience the joy that only a fulfilled soul is able to receive

by Anonymous on

During the ordeal of my recovery from a devastating divorce, Nancy Laura Joseph (Nan) offered to me her services as my Life Coach. I had heard the term "Life Coach" but had no experiences with one. Like so many things I was completely ignorant about and vaguely threatened by, I held it in contempt.

I was in for a revelation. One benefit of a disruptive emotional catastrophe (my divorce) was that it had humbled me. It made me willing to consider alternatives to my then current beliefs which, obviously, were not working to my advantage. I was going to have my previous "stinking thinking" revised.

We began with weekly one hour sessions and there was homework: I designed Authentic

Actions toward accomplishing clarity, followed by creating and then achieving meaningful Goals . The nature of the timed meetings and the corresponding actions lent order and structure to my existence while I was wallowing in the wreckage of having had that previous structure demolished.  I needed that.

Coaching with Nan revealed two things which have remained a constant in my life. They are: be mindful of the power of words. What I think and say, I create. My Standards of Integrity (Core Values)  are a helpful gauge for the health of my actions and decisions.

My life today, fifteen years later is happy, joyous and free. I am successfully retired and in a healthy, loving, intimate relationship. While many factors have contributed to this transformation, Nan's Life Coaching expertise and support is among the most influential. I endorse both her and the process wholeheartedly.

by John Kudlak,Writer, Artist, Palm Desert, CA on


I couldn’t help playing a bit, and turning this opportunity into dabbling with the kinds of poems I used to enjoy writing when I was a kid, and I must say how delightful it was to have some fun as I describe what it’s like to move beyond Romper Room.

I have a “Life Coach,” Nan, who taught me to say “I can.”

I can inhabit my life to the dazzle of the Light,

As can every woman and man.

In spite of my “monkey mind,” whose rituals are not kind,

And with “trouble at the border” I knew that I ought ta

Get my soul and my psyche aligned.

So to “coaching did I go, with all my baggage in tow,

And to my surprise right before my eyes the Light began to glow.

I started to spread my wings, taking on more challenging things,

For the great unfolding in my own life beholding

What conscious awakening brings.

The more I saw the Light, and got my cognition right,

The hard became easier and life was breezier

as the best in me took flight.

So let me say, if you please, “we can move with grace and ease,

With the unlimited charity of wisdom and clarity

in the moment that we seize.

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